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November 13, 2021

Local Woodstock Resident brings Apricot Lane Boutique to Adair Park

Apricot Lane Boutique – Woodstock Georgia

Adair Park is excited to announce their first retail shop partner, in Apricot Lane Boutique.  “I was excited to get the call that a national brand boutique was very interested in Adair Park” says Dr. Eric Richards, managing partner of the development company building out the new downtown Woodstock destination.  “Having experience in 30 other states suggests to me that they not only know how to be successful, but they also have access to upcoming trends to help our development stay relevant to more people.  It is this type of critical consideration that I hope will make Adair Park a destination for all.”

As Dr. Eric and proprietor/franchisee Katie Koudele sat and discussed the new boutique, they spoke about what inspired Katie to open a franchise in downtown Woodstock.  

“I am from Woodstock, and I have lived most of my life here in Towne Lake, graduated from Etowah High School, and have seen Woodstock grow into what it is today.  I researched close to 50 women’s clothing boutiques, and we really became committed after seeing this brand, and getting to know their clothes.”  This makes a lot of sense when you read about the style focus of their national boutiques.

Each Apricot Lane is a boutique that creates a unique adventure and shopping experience that captures the look and vibe of their local area. How? Each boutique is locally owned, and all the styles are hand-picked by the owner. If you have not been inside an Apricot Lane, you’re in for an amazing discovery. You’ll see today’s most sought after styles and must-have pieces. Every item carefully curated with the local fashionista in mind!   We havethe newest styles, which you'll love. We bring them in with very limited quantities, so you can be sure that you won't see every other woman in town wearing the same clothes as you. You'll love this too. And, we have the new arrivals almost daily, so shopping at Apricot Lane is always a new discovery and truly an affordable "unique boutique" experience!

Katie and her husband made the commitment to Apricot Lane and Woodstock in March of 2021, and everything from that time forward was focused on finding the spot that would best serve the launch of a new brand in Woodstock, and Adair Park became their focus.  Their front door will open to a really cool public plaza with a working wood burning fireplace, a great environment to serve their patrons.

We are super excited to have Katie and Apricot Lane coming in (targeted opening is late Spring 2022), with a friends and family soft opening (be sure you follow us on our social media to hear about that), and then there will be a big blowout grand opening to follow.  We wish Katie the greatest of success, and look forward to the big blowout opening!