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October 22, 2021

Introducing Woodstock Millworks - Shared Office

Introducing Woodstock MillworksWoodstock Millworks is Woodstock’s newest response to the small office, co-working need that has been surging across the Northeast Suburbs of Atlanta. With small co-working spaces selling out their space in towns like Canton, Alpharetta, and Roswell… the time is right to bring a high-end small office/co-working space to downtown Woodstock.

In perhaps the coolest new building coming to Woodstock, this co-working space will be motivational and inspirational at the least. It will be within steps of the newly announced Oishii Sushi Noodle houseand an elevator ride from a cup of fresh coffee from a soon to be announced coffee shop. With fabulous outdoor rooftop space exclusively available to members and tenants of the 10,000 square footWoodstock Millworks space, and a series of pocket plazas with working woodburning fireplaces, the ability to overcome “stale” in the workplace has infinite opportunity here. Woodstock Millworks will be the strategic choice for those seeking unique, flexible, and member-centric workspaces for all needs.

The owner proprietor in partnership with the management of Adair Park, will bring years of experience in space planning and work environment enhancing to the forefront. Having retired from his successful law firm of Meriwether and Tharp, Leh Meriwether saw the power of efficient and inspiring workspacesto help solopreneurs and small businesses grow. Now he is coupling his passion for inspiring workspaces with what has been his primary creative love, woodworking. In an ultimate form of recycling, his business, Meriwether Millworks, has taken the trees cut down at Adair Park to build custom furniture for the space. Using their sawmill, they are milling the trees into live edge slabs and lumber, drying the wood in their own kiln, and turning the fallen trees into desks, tables, benches, bar tops and more.

Leh partnered with Adair Park managing partner, Dr. Eric Richards and the architecture and design firm, Randall Paulson Architects, who are responsible for designing the 61 Linton Street (the site of the Woodstock Millworks), to come up with the perfect mix of space, inspiration, efficiency, and comfort in the heart of downtown Woodstock. Where else can you leave your office on a Friday afternoon, and take a five-minute stroll to arrive at a concert with 10,000 of your closest friends? Downtown Woodstock is where you are meant to be, and Woodstock Millworks is where you are meant to work.

Woodstock Millworks will be offering early bird pricing for those who sign up in advance. For more information and to get on the email list for updates, visit